Target Exterior Window

People often enjoy making distinctions between what is definitively art, and what is definitively design. There are unquestionably philosophical and intentional differences between the two, but they are not always mutually exclusive. We have always felt a sense that at any point our design work could cross over into something personal or abstract, and likewise our artwork does inadvertently turn into design on occasion. It is for this reason that we have adopted the term “commercial art.” It has always seemed to be the best term to describe what happens at Aesthetic Apparatus. Such as this window installation we worked on with Target. What we have produced here is by no means purely graphic design, but it is not necessarily a fine art execution either. And there is something important hidden in that; people love to categorize and organize how our world works. It is of course what made us such a successful species. But there is so much art-for-hire in the world that will never fall into a helpful little category of art or design. Sometimes it is simply something made by people for someone other than themselves. And that is what makes producing commercial art such a wonderful challenge.