Robert Pollard has some crazy/dedicated fans. Their dedication to him and his music seems to go hand and hand with a love for alcohol and, well, having fun. Now, we love Pollard’ music…but it’s hard to imagine how anyone can keep up with his musical output. It seems he puts out about 23 records a month and about 14 different side projects every other week. HOW DO YOU PEOPLE DO IT? It’s hard to imagine being a new fan of his knowing you have 1,409 records to go through to get a good feel of what he’s all about. OH! I guess this should be explained. Robert Pollard was the long time leader of Guided by Voices who disbanded a few years ago. Boston Spaceships is his new band. They’re fantastic.

18″ x 24″
4 color screenprint (metallic gold, light blue, magenta, black) on white stock

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