Ralph’s Corner


Ralph’s Corner was one of the best places to see bands in the Fargo/Moorhead area for years and years. It was the place that most of my friends would hang out at in the 90’s (and would call me from to try to pry me out of my apartment). A perfect dive bar. A number of years ago the city of Moorhead decided that that the area Ralph’s was in was in need of redevelopment and that was the end for the bar. Every few years a little get together is planned to get that old Ralph’s crew back together. I have yet to attend. But, hey, I made a poster for it this year so I was pretty much there.

OH! This show was also to commemorate the 26th Anniversary of “Yahtzeen.” Yahtzeen was a zine produced by my friend Phil Leitch. It introduced me to the world of zines and most likely helped push me down the path of this life as a dirt poor designer, illustrator, printmaker. Thanks Phil!

16″ X 20″ 2 color screen print (metallic beer gold, black out black) on white stock.