MN Middle Child Print


It can be difficult to discern what it is that defines a Minnesotan. Is it the work ethic? The independent spirit? The cold? The kindness? One thing is for sure, anyone outside of Minnesota hasn’t given it a second thought. They think we’re all just sitting around in parkas, eating grape salad (#grapegate), and watching Fargo for the hundredth time. They know nothing about us. But that disregard, coupled with our humility, our grit, our generosity, our progressive ideas, and everything else that makes us truly Minnesotan, they all point to one obvious answer: Minnesota is the middle child of the USA! The more they overlook us, the stronger we get. So show your Minnesota pride (with a dash of that MN self-effacing humor) with this fine screenprint.

12.5″ x 12.5″
3 color screenprint (gold / metallic-green / black) on archival off-white stock

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