We are in the midst of an amazing collaboration with Surly Brewing Co. right now, and have just finished up our second installment of art for three different Surly beers this year. First was Surlyfest, now Darkness. Surly’s Darkness is in it’s fourth year, and is building a reputation that is bordering on “legendary.” Screw that, it’s legendary. This year, people were camped out at the brewery 30 hours in advance in order to get a ticket to buy some beer at Darkness Day, the release party for the beer. Even before the gates opened, the party looked like it had already gone through a couple stages and was ramping up again. It’s very strange to see sidewalks littered with craft beers.

Naturally, Surly has adopted a somewhat ‘dark’ vibe to the bottle work. Devils, mummies, and grim reapers have inhabited previous years’ bottles. So, here’s this year’s bottle art that we came up with:

The bottles are amazingly printed. We tried to make them as simple as we could, but the printing still blew us away. Better’n we would’a done. Posters:


Surly Darkness Day (notice the crowd in line in the middle-ground, these people had been in line for bottles of Darkness since the night before.)


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