(This is part 2 of a 5-part process thread that we will be posting every day this week.)

So, with posters and temporary advertising out of the way, it was time to focus on a revised identity. Two Bettys had been in business for a couple years, and they had a few ideas about who their target client base was. It was pretty deep middle-class and a bit of upper-middle-class. The company didn’t have any interest in courting high-end home/office space (there were other services that focused on that demographic), nor were they able to strategize pitching to lower-income families that would obviously consider house cleaning an unfathomable luxury. More specifically, the client base at this time seemed primarily comprised of women. We could submit this stereotype of women being the ones that cared if their home was clean to our sociology friends to decipher, but for our case, Two Bettys knew that working, gen-x women in the twin cities were their target.

(Sorry about the “gen-x” reference, there’s no better term that we can think of to describe the demographic.
Why does the term “30-something” actually sound more like a 50-year-old?)

As we finished up our first couple initial meetings, we focused on the criteria and questions that we felt needed to be addressed in the identity:
-“Round out” the professional edges. Create a perception of a more professional company, but retain some of the casual individualism that the existing identity invoked.
-Green is a focus, but not a primary focus
-Rethink/destroy green cliches, this is not your run of the mill GREEN company
-Reconcile the name “Two Bettys” with “green”
-Stay conscious of feminine/feminist visual concepts

Right off the bat, visually balancing the Two Bettys name and green was our biggest challenge. Some sketches would go too deep-green and somber; while others would go too irreverent, and not effectively communicate green at all. Here is a screenshot of a digital pasteboard during the sketching process:

It’s so fun to look at pasteboards! Does everyone’s look like this when they’re working? Anyway, there is a lot going on there. We played on all sides of the fence, although when it came time to present initial sketches, we honestly felt relatively unsure of a sure winner. We couldn’t be Paul Rand here, and just show one logo informing the client that “this was it.” But we trusted Anna & Sam and respected their thinking—we had already had some really good discussions with them personally and professionally (equal parts discussion of Jay Reatard and what is truly “green.”) We knew that some of the sketches we had in the stack would never make it as final logos, but we were confident that we could talk through them in order to take the client’s temperature to help whittle down and tweak a direction. We positioned each logo as a location on two axes, one being irreverent/Betty-focused to green-focused, and the other axis being safe to challenging. Here is everything we showed them for our initial pitch:


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