Our recent print for the 2010 Poster Offensive 5 show.

We have surrounded ourselves with tools that have become institutions, and institutions that have become tyrannical. We can blame oil, or corporate greed, or bloated government, but the root of the problem is that all these tools have expanded to the point that they primarily serve the purpose of expansion and many times are in direct conflict with human-scale and natural growth. (The Tiny logo in the corner reads “TOO SMALL TO FAIL.”)

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2 comments on “POSTER OFFENSIVE 5
  1. nerdfarmer says:

    When oh when will this be available for sale? Hard to find good looking posters that deal with this subject matter, you know…

    • Aesthetic Apparatus says:

      Thanks for your interest. This print will be available at the Poster Offensive 5 opening on Friday, October 29th. Click on the Poster Offensive link in the post for more details. We will also be selling the print on our website after the Poster Offensive show is over in November.

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