The Replacements are not only legends in the Twin Cities but their influence can be heard in countless bands from all over the place. They were pretty much wrapping up being a band by the time I was aware of them but I fell in love with the records and knowing that they were from somewhere relatively close to my tiny hometown was inspiring. To a fault, we here at Aesthetic Apparatus have probably taken their self deprecating, never-to-serious, midwestern take on art to heart. This poster was done as part of the “Kinda Like Some Artists” Replacements Poster and Tribute Show as a celebration of the band’s reunion show at Midway Stadium as well as a benefit for Replacements guitarist Slim Dunlap who suffered a stroke.

18″ x 24″
4 color screen print (old car blue, urine yellow, day-glo red, black) on off white  stock

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